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E-ZPass — Electronic Toll Collection that makes travel more convenient.

E-ZPass enables our customers to pay their tolls electronically on the Maine Turnpike and on more than 40 toll highways, bridges and tunnels in the eastern United States.

Save time and money with a Maine Turnpike E-ZPass!

E-ZPass saves you time as you won't have to wait in line to pay your toll — and in some locations you can pay your tolls at 65 mph!

With your Maine Turnpike E-ZPass, you also save money — trips made with E-ZPass are most times less than the cash rate.

In addition to E-ZPass discounted rates, as an E-ZPass account holder you are automatically enrolled in our E-Z Discount Plan. As a participant, you are eligible to earn up to 50% off your total tolls for the month. All you need to do is travel the Turnpike 30 or more trips a month to receive additional discounts of 25% to 50% each month! * read more about our E-Z Discount Plan here.

Non-Account Payments

Use our Non-Account Payments page if you do not have an E-ZPass account and went through an E-ZPass Only lane by mistake or the toll collector was temporarily unavailable.