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Heartbleed Flaw Information - UPDATED

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How do I create a Username?

  1. Login with your Account Number and PIN
  2. Select the Create Username link on the left hand menu
  3. Choose a Username and Password

Why should I create a Username?

  1. A Username that you choose can be easier to remember than your Account Number
  2. A strong Password improves the security of your account information

Note: Once you have created a Username and Password, you must use them to access your account online. You will still use your PIN to access your account via our automated telephone system.

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Browser Notice

Maine Turnpike Authority makes every effort to accommodate the browser preferences of our patrons. However, some older browsers are not capable of supporting the latest security protocols or have serious security flaws. To help ensure the security of your account information when accessing our site, we require that you use a browser that is currently supported by its manufacturer. This will allow you to receive the most recent security updates for your particular browser. If your browser is not currently supported by its manufacturer, we urge you to upgrade to one that is supported.

If you have any questions regarding our policy, please email .