30 Trips = 20% Off
40 Trips = 40% Off
Effective November 1, 2021

Get your E-ZPass and start saving — automatically.

The beauty of the E-Z Discount Plan is that we've built volume savings right into your Maine Turnpike E-ZPass Personal Account. The more you use your E-ZPass, the more you save.

Here's how it works:

Use E-ZPass for all your Turnpike travel — to commute, to shop, traveling to your kids' games or wherever the road may take you. If you make 30 one-way trips (or 15 round-trips) in a month we'll credit your account with a 20% rebate. Use your E-ZPass 40 times in one month, and you'll earn 40% back. *PLEASE NOTE: Only Maine Turnpike trips incurring a toll count toward E-ZPass Discount Plan rebates.

Get an E-ZPass for every driver in your family, and the savings can add up even faster. The E-Z Discount Plan works with up to four devices on your E-ZPass Personal Account!