If most of your travel will be in a state other than Maine, you should consider other E-ZPass facilities to see if they offer a discount for your travel patterns. Note: You will not receive discounts for travel outside of Maine with a Maine Turnpike E-ZPass. Maine Turnpike discounts only apply to travel on the Maine Turnpike.
Sample Maine Registration Form

This is a Personal Account Application for Class 1 vehicles (2 axles, 4 tires maximum):Class 1 Vehicle Examples

(includes passenger cars, SUVs, vans, pick-up trucks, and motorcycles)

Please have the following information available before you begin:

  • Vehicle registration information - plate number, state of registration, plate type
  • Credit card information - valid credit card

Personal Accounts Only

Personal E-ZPass Accounts are for non-commercial (or non-business) use only. If you operate a business vehicle, a vehicle used for a commercial purpose, or a vehicle for hire, you must open a Business Account.

For Business Accounts, you can download a Business Account Application or call the E-ZPass Business Department at 1-888-682-7277.

NOTE: If you already have a Maine Turnpike E-ZPass account, you can login to your account with your Username and Password.