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Maine Customer Service Center

E-ZPass Mounting for Vehicles with Special Windshield Features


E-ZPass Customer Service Walk-in Center

We are limiting the number of people entering the building in order to keep customers at a safe distance.
If there is a waiting line, you may be asked to wait outside.

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Maine Turnpike's E-ZPass Customer Service Center reopened on June 22, 2020 at 8:00 am.

We continue to be on reduced Hours of operation, which are Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.

We are limiting the number of people entering the building in order to keep customers at a safe distance. If there is a waiting line, you may be asked to wait outside.

In an effort to reduce the need for coming to the service center, please do whatever you can online, by phone, or by mail if possible. For example, if you need mounting strips for your transponder call the customer service center at 1-888-MTA-PASS to have them mailed to you. You can also request these from within your account online: From the drop down menu "My E-ZPass" select Order Tag Mounting Strips (you will need to log on to your account to order the mounting strips).

If you need to make account changes you may do so by any of the following methods:

Downloaded forms may then be mailed to us at: PO Box 3858, Portland, ME 04104-3858

If you would like to sign up for E-ZPass and pick up a transponder, please do the application online OR print out the application and fill out before arrival.

Your patience is greatly appreciated during this time.

The vehicles listed below have been identified as having special features that require an exterior License Plate Tag (LPT) or alternative placement as noted. In general, windshields that contain metal in the glass (metal oxide) and mirrors with compass or temperature readings may prevent the E-ZPass signal from being read properly. Also, the following glass features may interfere with the E-ZPass signal and require alternative or exterior mounting: solar ray, solar tint, heated, heat reflected, insulated, Insta-Clear. Please contact the dealership where you purchased your car to see if your vehicle contains any of these features.

Make Model Year Feature Alternative Placement
Aston Martin
  Vanquish 2001-2007 Insulated glass  
  Vantage 2003-2008 Insulated glass/Heated  
  A4 1995-1998    
  A6 1998-2013    
  A8 1998-2003    
  Continental 2004-2007    
  128 2008-2013    
  325 2006-2013    
  328 2007-2013    
  525 2004-2013    
  528 2008-2013    
  535 2010-2013    
  645 2004-2013    
  745 2004-2008    
  750 2009-2013    
  5 Series 2004-2007    
  7 Series 2002-2013    
  X3 2011-2013    
  X5 2007-2013    
  X6 2008-2013    
  Xf 2000-2006    
  Lesabre 1992 Only    
  Park Avenue 1991-1992 Solar ray  
  Rendezvous 2001-2005   Top right corner of windshield
  Roadmaster 1993-1996 Solar ray  
  Catera 1997-2001 Solar ray  
  Concours 1993-1998    
  Deville 1989-1999    
  Eldorado 1992-2002    
  Fleetwood 1989-1992    
  Seville 1992-1999    
  Sixty Special 1993 Only    
  Touring Sedan 1992-1998    
  Caprice 1993-1996 Heat reflective  
  Corvette ZR-1 1990-1995  
  Impala 1993-1998
Heat reflective  
  Lumina APV (Van) All Solar ray/Solar control Top left or right corner of windshield
  Astra 2006-2009    
  Corvette 1990-1998 Heat reflective/Solar control  
  Lumina All Solar ray/Solar control  
  Venture 1997-2007 Solar control Top left or right corner of windshield
  Crown Victoria 1988-2006 Insta-Clear  
  Taurus 1986-1991    
  S-Type 2000-2004    
  VDP 1999-2004    
  XJ Series 1999-2004 Heated  
  XK Series 1999-2004    
  Range Rover 2003-2013    
  Continental 1988-1994
Insta-Clear/Metallized windshield  
  Town Car 1990-1997
  626 1990-1997 Solar control/Metal oxide Try standard mounting; may need LPT
  929 1988-1997 Solar control/Metal oxide Try standard mounting; may need LPT
  All models 1998-2001   Centered below rearview mirror. Half of the tag should be in the tinting, the other half out.
  CL500 2002-2006    
  CLS500 2006-2013    
  E320 2003-2009    
  E350 2010-2013    
  ML350 2006-2007    
  S320 2007-2013    
  S350 2003-2013    
  S430 2000-2006    
  Grand Marquis 1988-1994
  Sable 1986-1994
Metallized windshield Try standard mounting; may need LPT
  Custom Cruiser 1990-1997 Solar control  
  Eighty-Eight 1992 only    
  Ninety-Eight 1991-1995    
  Silhouette All Metallized windshield  
  Aztec 2001-2006    
  Bonneville 1992 Only    
  Transport All   Top right corner of windshield
  Cayenne 2003-2013    
  Panamera All (2010-current)  
  SVX 2002-2006    
  Rabbit 2006-2009    
  S80 1999-2013    
  XC90 2003-2013    

* Note: The information on this list may change as new vehicle models and options come to the market.