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Find the plan that best meets your needs by reviewing the Account Types & Plan Descriptions, then complete the application process by choosing an option below.

Personal Accounts

The Personal Account is designed for individuals and families who drive the following:

  • Passenger cars
  • Pickup trucks - two axles, four tires
  • Motorcycles

Personal Accounts may have up to 4 tags per account.

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If most of your travel will be in a state other than Maine, you should consider other E-ZPass facilities to see if they offer a discount for your travel patterns. Note: You will not receive discounts for travel outside of Maine with a Maine Turnpike E-ZPass. Maine Turnpike discounts only apply to travel on the Maine Turnpike.
Maine Turnpike E-ZPass
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Business Accounts

The Business Account is designed for small and large businesses that operate:

  • Trucks
  • Buses
  • Commercial type vehicles
  • Vehicles for hire
  • RVs

Several plans are available to meet the varying needs of businesses, including a postpaid plan offering volume discounts for Maine Turnpike travel, a prepaid plan for travel on the Maine Turnpike and all E-ZPass compatible facilities, and a highly flexible combination plan.

For a business application, click the link provided below, or call:



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E-ZPass Discounts

Maine E-ZPass discounts are available to Maine E-ZPass account holders only. Class 1 Personal Account holders are automatically enrolled in our E-Z Discount Plan and eligible for a 20% or 40% discount on tolls each month.

Read more about the E-Z Discount Plan